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Ingle Farm Nurses

We have four Nurses who assist independent tenant Doctors with clinical tasks, health education, chronic disease care and health assessments.

Clinical Tasks

  • Injections

  • Dressings

  • Child & Adult Vaccinations

  • spirometry

  • ECGs

Health Education

  • Updating your health information

  • lifestyle advice

  • monitoring & motivation

Chronic Disease Care

  • Asthma reviews & Asthma Action Plans

  • Diabetes assessments

  • GP Management Plans

Health Assessments:

  • 40-49 year old diabetes assessments

  • 45-49 year old health assessments

  • 75+ health assessments

  • ATSI child & adult assessments (under 15, 15-55, over 55+)

In addition, our nurses have been entrusted with providing routine health care to help you and your independent tenant doctor. You may be asked by the nurse into a room to routinely measure your BP or BMI, update your family health history and to discuss screening for important health problems as recommended by national health authorities. This also allows you to make the most of your time with the Doctor, by focussing on your most important concerns. Just like your Doctors, Nurses in Australia are trained to work in medical complex and are expected to participate in continuing professional development every year to maintain their knowledge and skills.

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